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You are not just a consumer

If you have debt, we can help



Core Resource Group is the culmination of experienced financial professionals and executives from the consumer financial industry who realize the burgeoning epidemic consumer debt overall has become and are well versed on all options available to consumers to legally and swiftly rid themselves of the oft overwhelming burden this debt has become. We believe that no individual should sacrifice a reasonable livelihood nor their family’s well-being or needs in order to maintain some “pay forever plan” with their creditors, make just minimum payments on their unsecured financial debts, or choose between which bill to or not to pay each month.


The task of resolving your unsecured debts or exploring repayment and debt-resolution programs can be daunting at best and after years of witnessing the red tape, hardships, broken promises and failed attempts or programs normally offered to people seeking answers or solutions to their unsecured personal debt, we decided to get involved and give borrowers what they really need: straight forward answers and transparent solutions. If the big banks and creditors can get bailed out when they make poor decisions or things go awry, why can’t the average American be provided a reasonable solution to resolve their own finances and personal debt?


At Core resource Group we simplify the process and assist you in selecting easy, compliant and affordable solutions to the most complex issues borrowers face associated with the repayment of their personal debts or obligations. We serve as a marketing firm and have an affiliated referral network that we connect you with to handle any type of debt you may be burdened with and come up with a viable solution and a reasonable timeline of how soon you can become debt free. We pride ourselves in serving as an advocacy group to ensure your maximum savings and relief while minimizing the headaches, confusion, and fear most feel when faced with overwhelming debt.


Our Mission. Our Vision.


Core Resource Group is committed to enhancing the dignity and quality of life for individuals and families through educating consumers, identifying solutions, and providing the most effective debt relief options for financial peace of mind. Our mission is to change lives by empowering you to become debt free as quickly as possible and on your way to financial freedom through transparent solutions and sound principals.

We strive for unequivocal honesty and transparency in exploring all your options and strictly adhere to our high standard of values. We are committed to full disclosure of facts, principled solutions, and the truth in all interactive dialogue with consumers.

At Core Resource Group, we care about your financial well-being, we value those we serve, and we treat people with dignity in our quest to enhance your quality of life through financial resolution.




Our vision is to be your trusted resource for financial solutions, products and literacy that will enable individuals and the nationwide communities we serve to achieve their financial goals and live debt free.


It is very possible to become debt free. The first step is to get educated on how debt works and what your options are. The essential ingredient in all of this is YOU. If you are willing to learn and stay focused on the end goal of becoming debt free – we will walk next to you and provide the solutions to help you get there.












155 N Riverview Drive

Anaheim Hills CA 92808

Tel:  888-470-5850

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