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Debt Validation is an attorney-based program that provides borrowers with legal representation in demanding that a creditor, collector or agency prove that you owe a specific debt or amount. Your right to debt validation is protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

It is crucial to have legal representation to maximize your protectionThe process and program for Debt Validation can allow borrowers to resolve debts with legal representation for far less than other debt relief programs, simply due to the fact that most creditors can not prove or “validate” that a consumer owes a particular amount or debt.

Why “voluntarily” settle or compromise with a creditor, that can not even validate the debts are owed per Federal law and requirements? Through unscrupulous or unauthorized fees and charges, or misplaced original paperwork or agreements or just a unwillingness of the creditor to spend the time or money to “validate” that a debt is owed, a consumer can have the debt zeroed out and removed from their credit report.

This is an accelerated method and the least expensive way to legally resolve unsecured debt, if the applicant qualifies for these benefits and program.

At CRG, if you meet the criteria and are eligible, we will plug you in with real attorneys and refer you to law firms that challenge creditors and battle for consumers and debtors alike to keep the creditors honest and playing by the rules.

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