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Also called debt resolution or debt negotiation, the premise and functionality of these programs is one and the same. Debt settlement is a strategy that works to reduce your overall debt and resolve your obligations to your creditors, for less than what is owed on the balances, in order to avoid bankruptcy and become debt free as quickly as possible.

Debt Settlement is a direct negotiation with the creditor, where the creditor can recover a portion of what is owed on the balances and minimize their risk of losing everything if a consumer opted to file bankruptcy or if the account were sold to a collection agency for pennies on the dollar.

Creditors have no legal responsibility to work out a settlement and are not required to negotiate anything. That is the hard truth. However, that said, most do try to come to an agreement because they would prefer to get something on the account than nothing at all.

This program will have an adverse impact on most credit scores, but can provide financial freedom in far less time than the minimum payments pay-forever-plan you may be on now with your creditors.

If Debt Validation is not an option or if a borrower is ineligible, this is certainly a viable option we will discuss referring you to avoid bankruptcy.

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